This course provides a broad introduction to a variety of topics in Information to Security, Electronic Payment Security, Web Security and Mobile Security. It is possible to divide this course into four parts. In the first part which is Information Security, we will cover Introduction to Security, Security Mechanisms and Key Management and Certificates. Second part namely Electronic Payment Security covers Electronic Payment Systems, Payment Security Services, Payment Transaction Security, Digital Money Security, Electronic Check Security, and An Electronic Payment Framework. The third section namely Web Security explained about Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Web Server Security, Web Client Security, Mobile Code Security, Web-Based E-Commerce Concepts. The fourth and last part namely Mobile Security will cover Mobile Agent Security, Mobile Commerce Security and Smart Card Security.


Language: The class is taught in English.
Assistant: Select one student to manage, handle and collect the assignments, projects, and Lab activities.
Final Examination: Written examination, (60%)
Courseworks 1: 10 pages research paper (individual) + Presentation, (30% = 20% + 10%)
Courseworks 2: Project by JAVA or C++ (Group based), (30%)
Courseworks 3: Is based on a mini conference on e-Commerce Securoty. Each group must select a topic after two first sessions and write a paper maximum 6 pages on that topic and present in the mini conference. Join to the mini conference is free for all students from other departments and faculty (A team of three members - Present at Mini Conference), Call for papers.pdf and Examiner Review Form.pdf (30% = 20% + 10%)