The Research Seminar Course is intended to provide students planning a research career in Computer Science with the opportunity to develop the skill of critically reading and evaluating updated research papers. This course normally is open to last semester Master students and first year PhD students.


How to read such papers critically and efficiently,
How to summarise and review papers,
How to judge the value of different contributions,
How proposals are written,
How research papers are written,
How research results are presented


pre-coursework: Summary Report / Review Report Based on the research methodology course, you can use the summary technique of step 4 for this section. Student should have minimum one book, 20 updated articles and one updated thesis as references. The collected set of your short summaries should be half to one page for each reference.
Coursework 1: Writing a proposal (25 marks)
Coursework 2:Writing a paper (50 marks, Acceptance letter maximum 10 marks extra)
Coursework 3:Prepare a presentation for research (10 report + 15 presentation in front of class)