This course provides a broad introduction to a variety of topics in Malwares such as Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rabbits, Spywares, Adwares, Ransomwares, Botnets and other threats. The viruses will classified and explained based on their targets and strategies. The Anti-Viruses also categoriesd and will define and explain based on static and dynamic methods. There is a complete session about Anti-Anti-Virus which completely explianed about the related techniques.


Language: The class is taught in English.
Assistant: Select one student to manage, handle and collect the assignments, projects, and Lab activities.
Final Examination: Written examination, (40%)
Courseworks: First coursework is compulsory + Select one from number 2 or 3, (60%)
Coursework 1: 15 pages research paper (individual) + Presentation, (30% = 20% + 10%)
Coursework 2: Project by JAVA or C++ (Group based), (30%)
Coursework 3: Is based on a mini conference on Netwprk Securoty. Each group must select a topic after second sessions and write a paper maximum 6 pages on that topic and present in the mini conference. Join to the mini conference is free for all students from other departments and faculty (A team of three members - Present at Mini Conference) Call for papers.pdf and Examiner review form.pdf (30% = 20% + 10%)



  • Handout 1: Capturing/Monitoring/Analysing Network traffic
  • Handout 2: Capturing/Monitoring/Detecting "Scanning Attack"
  • Handout 3: Capturing/Monitoring/Detecting "Btute Force Attack"
  • Handout 4: Capturing/Monitoring/Detecting "MITM Attack"
  • Handout 5: Capturing/Monitoring/Detecting "DoS Attack"
  • Handout 6: Capturing/Monitoring/Analysing "Botnet Behaviour"
  • Handout 7: Capturing/Monitoring/Analysing "Malware behaviour"